Dear Bright Eyes, I love you.

Dear Bright Eyes, I love you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t actually have a conversation about our relationship because I couldn’t communicate. Take care of yourself. Today’s kafka stuff was a setback and an obstacle. But it will all get done. You will get through it. In the long run, this will not be your masterpiece, nor your greatest failure. It will be an experience, which are always useful. I love you so much. I can be there when you need me. You will have me during tech week with an impact screw gun in my hand, I can promise you that. But right now, I’m going to let you have your space. You need Emma time, to mull through Kafka, playwrighting, comics, environment and the like. I will think of you, listen to TGG, read Sandman, and send you good vibes. I love you. I am here standing with you. While I may not always be stable, I am and always will be dependable and loyal and in love with you. Good night Bright Eyes. ❤ call me if you need me.
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