I might be the leaning tower of Pisa- 11:12pm

Not your masterpiece nor your greatest failure 🙂 that’s actually one of the most helpful things I’ve ever heard. And so true. I’m sorry I’ve been so perpetually stressed all quarter, and though I always think it’ll turn out otherwise, I’ll probably end up doing the same thing winter quarter. And spring quarter. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to manage my life.in a way that doesn’t wind up forcing me to half-ass things that I’d rather be investing in wholly. But I guess the figuring out of everything is sort of what life’s about. Even though most of the time I just end up using all my figuring power to figure out how to schedule my next 24 hours or how to get my shoes on the right feet or how to text without putting periods instead of spaces or how to say I love you in a way that really means something.
Also, you know what else is loyal and dependable but not always stable? The leaning tower of pisa. It’s beautiful and silly and stoic all at the same time, and it probably thinks of itself as sort of messed up, but it’s precisely that unique messiness that is so easy and so wonderful to fall in love with.In other.words, I love you. Slee well. Be wonderful. Well poo. *sleep well. and here I was doing so well…
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