For a tired and stressed emma

Dear Bright Eyes,
Every moment in which our lives touch brings me joy. A single kiss, a soft embrace, a wink, a smile, a laugh. This is the language of love through which you speak to me. I dream of you behind the counter of Unicorn. I dream of catching you mid pell mell sprint towards point B. I dream of painting the floor of shanley and lying in your arms as the morning approaches, whispering truths and sweet adorations. The thought of you flickers on the edge of my conscious mind, a soft murmur of “I wonder what Emma would think of this?” I see curly haired women on the straight and for moments at a time I pray its you. When I know that you’re waiting for me, I start to run. I hope that you don’t see it, but I fly down the street. I hold this pillow to my chest and close my eyes and pray that I’ll wake up next to you. You make this world a bit brighter and the road less rocky. I love you Bright Eyes. I stand by you.

Dream Well


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