FtV: Storytime

Okay, idea: a kid doesn’t realize he has the power to make paper things real (I.e. origami birds really fly, paper boats are actually watertight). He play-fights with his dad with a papier mache machete, which results with his father dying from stab wounds. He tries to turn himself in, but no one will believe him. Another man (ex-con mobster with a bad attitude and worse breath) comes under fire as a suspect, and the kid (okay, now his name is for sure Max) vows to prove his innocence. He fails, the ex-con ends up on death row, and Max has to use his powers to break the guy out. They both end up on the run (of course the ex-con isn’t too happy about it at first, but he feels indebted to Max and grudgingly agrees to take him along). Max determines that the only way to clear the ex-con’s name will be to eliminate the crime — to bring his dad back to life. Max’s new nemesis is Paul, a high school biology teacher who has the power of resurrection but refuses to use it because he doesn’t believe it’s right for anyone to be able to arbitrate life (…)And death, and he refuses to make an exception for Max.
And that’s all I’ve got so far, but I kinda really wanna write a comic…….
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