FtV:AH at clowncamp

WHAAAAT. Totally the kind of people you just watch and wonder at from a bit of a distance and at a slightly oblique angle. Also, hobbit movie x3?! ALSO, you have no idea how hard I resisted texting you back because I figured you’d be asleep. Remedying that now…

On Aug 3, 2012 12:30 AM, “Andrew Hitzhusen” wrote:
He is what’s called a hawker, drawing the crowds from the mass that passes by their makeshift stage. He throws water high up into the hair with one hand, catching it smoothly in a pitcher with the other, arching it up over his head. He threatens, cajols, flirts. She stands backstage, which means behind the side of booth selling trinkets made in Taiwan made to look like they were main in 15th century France, glancing at the drunken revelers already in the seats and picking at her miniskirt. The act starts.

His name is Elliot and he’s twenty something, He’s brilliant, depressed, rich, disengaged, talented and jaded. He dropped out of high school to het his GED so that he could start college early. He has a masters in psychology, a ba in theology and philosophy. The he got bored, learned to juggle, and started working the Ren Faire circuit. He doesn’t talk to his parents.

Her name is Alicia, she’s 21. She’s one online class into her bachelors, but she’s quicker than lightening at speed. She finished high school, but never grew up that next year. A professional level gymnast, the tumbling in the act is almost second nature. When she can, she sneaks off to talk about joss whedon and the hobbit movie.

The act is mean. The juggling is average, but Eliot slings insults to rile up the crowd. He pulls a victim to the stage. Insults Alicia. Sexism, cruelty and adrenaline fuel the act. No one is happy, least of all the performers. but everyone is stuck playing the same parts.

These are two of the people at my camp. Their act is everything clowning is against. But they’re are fascinating. She and I talk because I’m the only one who will talk to her about firefly. He stalks up behind me and just stands there.


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