For when You finish

Post-PreNote: this was supposed to be much shorter, but ended up something else. I’m working on being honest with that I need so I don’t drive you or myself crazy.

Dear Emma,
You did a good job today. This week (and this quarter) have tilted you into crazy levels of stressed. And you’ve very nearly beaten it. I love you so much.

I’ve been thinking about that question I asked you. What do you need? What do you want? What do you dream of? And I think I’ve got some answers of my own.

I need: to connect with you in some way at least every 12 hours, to get to cuddle (or hold hands on a walk along the lakefill or go on a date) once every two weeks

I want: for when you see me you feel safe, excited and happy, for you to not feel stressed by my presence, a perfect day to sit on the rocks and watch the skyline.

I dream: of traveling with you, exploring something new, showing you where I grew up, for you and I to be completely free from stress and obligation and guilt for a weekend.

I love you more than I can articulate, express or even truly comprehend. You are wonderful and funny and smart and talented and determined and unstoppable.
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