How do You break up with someone you love? Like This.

I’m so fucking sick of waking up every morning to the constant reminder as how much I’m not as important as Ashley fucking Ngyuen. When was the last time she posted on my wall? When was the last time she texted me with out my prompting? Does she ever go as long without texting fucking Ashley? I’m sorry, I know this is a “platonic relationship” but it is a relationship that is more important to you to ours. And I’m fucking sick of it. Fine, don’t make out with ashley. But don’t pretend that you aren’t living out every other part of a girlfriend girlfriend relationship. You’ve been emotionally cheating on Ashley with me. I’m the fucking other woman. And like every other fucking Other women in the in the history of Other women, I want you to choose between her and me. And because I know your fucking answer already, written on the motherfucking wall, I’m breaking up with you. I’m in love with you and I’m breaking up with you because you break my heart everyday. You make it hurt so damn much. I can barely stand it. So go have yóur platonic relationship. And if you decide that you can make a commitment to one person, and if that person is ever me, you know my number. Until then, I think we should take some time apart.


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