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Ok, I don’t know how to say this next part, but I need to. Ashley. You have this relationship with her. You have this platonic close relationship where you text her everyday, post things on her wall that remind you of her, go out on dates with her, laugh and joke and have fun together. You work hard to do things that make her feel special. I think you need to admit that that makes it a relationship. And when I see you do all these things with her and make her feel special, and you don’t do them for me, I feel like I’m playing second fiddle to her. I feel like you’re cheating on Ashley with me. I believe you when you say it’s platonic. It took reading that comic to really get it. But that doesn’t lessen the emotional relationship you have. With some guys, they would be ok with that. They would ok with being just there when you’re not busy or you’re not with Ashley. But I’m not that guy. And if your super-awesome close relationship quota has already reached capacity, then that would really break my heart.


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