Emma and Andrew: Prerelationship

“Andrew! (do you go by Andrew?)

Hey, I’m Emma, and I wrote (aka am in the process of writing) “Illusions,” the play you’ve been selected to direct this winter! Though I guess you’ve figured it out by now. Whatever. I’m so excited to get to work with you in this process and I can’t wait to meet and chat in the super-near future. I’m attaching my play (so far) here (.pdf). It’s still a rough draft and is by no means near completion, so take it with a grain of salt. I won’t say anything else about it just yet; I want to let it speak for itself and to get your unadulterated first impressions before I start divulging my thought process and intent. On that note (well, sort of), I’d love it if we could meet in person sometime this week just to get to know each other and start talking ideas and such before auditions. How would you feel about grabbing coffee some morning/afternoon in the next few days (personally, I’m a huge Unicorn Cafe junkie)? Let me know!
I can’t describe how excited I am to work with you in the coming weeks (which is probably a bad thing, considering how I’m supposed to be a writer or something)!”

I’m am so incredibly, incredibly excited to be able to direct your “Illusions.” I’ll freely admit that this was the show that first caught my eye among the blurbs. And after reading it the first time, I’m glad that my excitement was justified. If you’re free, I’d love to grab some coffee (or hot cider in my case) at Unicorn Cafe tomorrow. I have class up at Francis Searle until 2, so how about 2:45? Anyway, I love to hear where this script came from, and your thoughts on where its going.”

“Hi Emma,

I was wondering if you have any time tmrw to meet. I only have one class so I’m pretty wide open. ”

“Yes, yes yes yes. I’m free from 1-2 and again at 6! Let me know what works for you!”New Draft:Just what it says on the tin. A chunk of new material; it’s not all necessarily coherent yet, and it’s most definitely too long. But that’s that.

Also, if you have any thoughts on what to use for a showman-y side tomorrow, let me know.
See you tomorrow!”


I’m sorry it’s so late. There was Cymbeline tech for eleven hours this weekend, and a prod meeting tonight. However, I’ve spent the last 45 minutes with the newest draft, a sketch pad and my computer, so I’m feeling better. As for the Showman side, I’m attaching the text (sorry for the edit, I just wanted to preface the section I wanted to use, which is the snaps). I really want someone who can take this and show us the magic. I’m also being origami sheets and cranes. The section I’m sending you, however, is longer that a page keeping to your spacing. If it’s possible tmrw morning, could you find the page worth of material in that page and a half of text? I’m sorry about the timing, I really am.
On a somewhat unrelated note, I want you to know that I’m open to casting Melies as a woman, but not looking to do so. If some woman comes and along and we both agree that she nailed it, then she’d go on the list. But that should be the exception, not the rule. Thoughts?
Third note, Are you making 5 copies of each of the sides? Or will you be sending them to me, so that I can make the 5 copies. I have class at 11-12:20, and from 1-2. I’ll be up at 8 though.
Last and totally unrelated note: Have you seen the BBCs new Sherlock? I’m a huge fan, and I think you would be too. “
“I’ve got the copies covered, no worries. I haven’t taken a look at the attached doc yet, but I’ll let you know what I’ve got as soon as I come up with some cuts/edits!

Also, OH MY GOD SHERLOCK. Love it, love it, love it! Stephen Moffat is my HERO. We’re definitely talking Reichenbach theories ASAP.””All right, this is what I’ve got. One major thing: I’m so sorry I wasn’t very clear– the sides are supposed to *total* a page in length, so I did some significant cutting (and possibly also a little creative margin work) on the showmanship passage. Also, the Powers that Be weren’t so keen on the idea of having to manage props in callbacks, so I think the origami/list bit is out. 😦

Second thing: one of the passages we picked last week got chewed up in my new draft, so I included both versions of the passage and figured it was your call which one is better suited to being callback material.
Third thing: Here’s how I figure this is going to work: one version of the sides will have passages A and B; the other will have A and C (depending on whether the actor showed more showmanship or defeated-ness already). If Lisa doesn’t want to deal with that, I can just print the copies.
Fourth thing: Dolphins shed an entire layer of skin every few hours.
Fifth thing: I have an exam from 3:30 to 5 in tech; I will be at University ASAP when I finish and ABSOLUTELY by 5!
Sixth thing: Yes, attached is a .doc. My version of Word is from 2004. Shut Up Shut Up I don’t like change!
Auditiontastically yours,

“Hey, all!

Just wondering if there’s anything you can’t/don’t like to eat, and letting you know that I’m totally serious about having you over for dinner Thursday after tech!
See you tomorrow,
“Hey there, awkward ‘I don’t know who you are yet’ emails 🙂

Sometime soon: celebratory cider and movie night. Yes? Yes.”

Magic. Where is it in my life? So i watched the prestige on my last
night home. Then i read Dangerous Laughter on my flight home. Now i
don’t remembered what you said about millhauser but i think im in
love. Not only did he write the room in the attic ( a personal
favorite), but also eisenheim the illusionist and is just wonderful
and dark and magical and hysterical.

So what im trying to say is that i still havent seen Hugo. Movie night?

P.s. its been a long first day back”


YES. This needs to happen.
In other news, you probably don’t remember what I said about Millhauser because I didn’t know anything about Millhauser until I just wikipedia-ed him just now. And now I’m immensely intrigued. UGH and I was so proud of myself for nearly clearing out my entire to-read list over spring break… WHY IS THERE ALWAYS MORE?!
PS – I ran into Amanda Scherker (playwright of No Man’s Rabbi) today after she recently watched some documentary or other on Melies (the title of which she has promised to tell me as soon as she remembers what it is)… and she told me “WOW Emma I totally GET your PLAY now. And Melies — what a BUMMER life. I mean, like, TRAGIC.”
PPS – It’s been a long first week of classes. Wait — what did you say? It’s only halfway over? Wait, WHAT?!”Then the relationship happened. Man, those were sometimes.


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