Kate’s Friend with schizo (a poem)

“Schizo wonderful life” by me

Slightly stingy, not like grinchy, keep your eyes upon the prize. Two steps flinchy, one step bingy, the answer is in your eyes.
Sickness burning, mind is yearning, what is going on. Flip it fry it poster child it, strap it on the lawn.
Brain is trembling, blood is tempting give the heart what it desires. Necessity replaced with greed, will only cause a liar.

Perhaps its yielding, left you fielding, moved up on the mound. Just take your chance, and use romance, to feed your inner hound.
Somethings changing, not quite ranging, something wickeds in the air. Close the mind, to combat bind, grip closely to the hair.
Food and water, death and slaughter, feast upon the liars. Feel the rhythm, seed and till them, society needs buyers.

Cold has risen, furnace distant, warmth is in the soul. Don’t stop living, benign the shiving, you cant out jump a pole.
Nails and fingers, laughs and stingers, remove your presence now. Who what where and why, just tell me know the how.
Capital control the school, its time to teach the sheep. Only pride, will hide their mind, and spoils you shall reap.

What is distance, stop resistance, sorrow fills your bowl. Although like pistons, thought ignitions, are not wasted on the old.
Head in spasms, anti-orgasms, victimize the crowd. Keep the vision, somethings risen, voices are so loud.
Skin is tingling, smile is wrinkling, use the inner proud. Whats the mission, option fission, leave nothing left to doubt.

Light has flickered, what has triggered, can you feel regret? Darkness lingers, no more bringers, prepare to own a pet.
Shut the prism, coil the fission, use what brings the force. Stab the children, become pilgrim, deny the Man remorse.
Watch them spilling, keep on tilling, dinner will come soon. Fill your basket, soft and flaccids, feast on harvest moon.

Draw your weapon, gates to heaven, wish it wasn’t true. Flashes painted, arms invaded, keep whats really you.
Scoff at sticks, men are bricks, a serf to meet the sire. Go to market, prod and bark it, for god is not a liar.
Just desserts, shorts and skirts, the world is known as yours. Forget the pain you’re not insane, a cloud that never pours.

Beyond is barren, torn but staring, biopsy feeds denial. Oncelers warning, no one’s scorning, what’s grand became a pile.
Distance blaring, something staring, do not tempt its gaze. Moon is shining, sun is dying, whats left facades the haze.
Use the object, prompt or squaw it, smart is not but quick, for jack be nimble, jack be slick, but surely he will die by stick.


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