Important quotes

“I assume that truth is paradoxical, that each article of wisdom contains within it its own contradictions, that truths stand side by side.”

“The inability to regulate emotional arousal also interferes with the development and maintenance of a sense of self. generally, one’s sense of self is formed by observations of oneself and or others reactions to one’s actions. Emotional consistency and predictability, across time and similar situations, are prerequisites of identity development. Unpredictable with emotional lability leads to unpredictable behavior and cognitive inconsistency, and consequently interferes with identity development. The tendency of borderline responses may also contribute to an absence of a strong sense of identity. The numbness associated with inhibited affect is often experienced as emptiness, further contributing to an inadequate and at times complete absent sense of self. Similarly, if an individual’s sense of events are never “correct” or is unpredictably “correct”- the situation is in an invalidating environment- then the individual may be expected to develop an over-dependence on others”


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