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Hello Victoria

Hey there you,

    I’m not terribly good at this. I tend to be all of the awkward and all of the bad ideas and all of the emotionality. But I’m about 1000 miles away (936 really) and temporally 5 months away . And I figure that’s far enough away to do damage control. 
All that being said, I think you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. You’re smart, funny, talented, and honest. I like you an awful lot. 
So that leaves you with a couple of choices. You could ignore it and I’ll just disappear until september and I’ll pretend nothing ever happened. We could bs around it and let it die. Or you could agree to let me take you out for coffee in September. 
Is my timing shitty? yeah. Did I just put you into a really awkward place that could very possibly ruin our friendship? Oh definitely. Am I going to regret this email the second after I send it? No. 
I’ve had this rumbling around my brain for months. And then I realized I had no idea how you felt, and I was just running in circles chasing my own tail. 
So give this a think over. And send me an answer. Or not I guess. 
terribly awkwardly yours,
Hi Andrew,

I care about you deeply and your well being and happiness mean the
world to me. But it is as a friend. I think you’re so incredibly brave
for writing this email and telling me how you feel. There’s no reason
to ignore this or bs around it. It happened and that’s ok. For God’s
sake I’m still friends with Phil and look at all the strange back and
forth we’ve had over the past three years. So if you’re still
interested in being friends I would absolutely love that. But I also
completely, truly understand if when you come back in the fall you
need to keep some distance between us. Whatever is better for you. I’m
sorry this is how I feel. I have been on the receiving end of this
conversation so many times and I know that no matter what I say, in
this movement, what I say is going to hurt you. And I am so incredibly
sorry about that. But you are my friend and I’d rather tell you the
truth than hurt you more by lying or avoiding this conversation.

Take all the time you need thinking or responding to this, if you even
want to respond. I still want to hear from you and know what’s going
on with you but you can let me know if you’re ready and ok to just be
friends. And when you come back in the fall I would be happy t get
coffee with you as a friend.

Your friend,


     You are a boss. Yeah, I’m disappointed. But honestly, not incredibly surprised. That being said, your email was exactly what I needed to hear. It was direct, honest, and completely compassionate. I was entirely prepared to never hear from you , never be able to make eye contact, and just have a really awkward time. But you answered, gave it a lot of thought, and told the truth. I really respect that. 
     Space is one thing I need nothing of right now. I’m starved for NU contact and information. Besides, your life is and probably will always be entertaining. And more than that, I do and will always care for you. You still are an incredibly cool person, if not one whose path intersects with my own. And I am ok with that. There are more than a few people (men and women) that fit that description in my life. You’re in good company, some of my absolute best friends in the world started off as secret (and sometimes not so secret) crushes. 
     We were friends before I liked you, and we’ll stay friends after that feeling has faded, if you’re also into that. I know I definitely am.

A play for matt and macklemore

Boy playing basketball with his father, talking about the things his going to go.
He cant get it in the basket
He tries ane tries again.
The ball bounces
Its a rhythm for a sing that just starting
Smiles and dreams swell to the size of universes
They break over suburbia like a sun
A laughing boy with a future
Dinner time
The ball is left.

The young man runs in and dunks the ball.
The whooops echoing like warchants
A victory in the stands.
Air jordans hit the pavement
Flying into the air
Dragons and wizards
The others run in
Charging like bulls
The ball bounces across the tar
Ring tone
The ball caught by the young man.
Watches cellphones come out
Flipped up like switch blades
The girl
The picture
The game begins
The young man alone.
The ball goes up and down
The ball goes up and down.
The ball goes up.
The boy goes down.
The ball is left.

The man comes in
The ball comes to his hands
The words stumble out
I think youre the prettiest
The ball ball goes up and comes down
The ball goes down
The ball ball goes down
The ball rolls
Have fun at prom
The ball is picked up
Ten more to college
The ball is left

The father comes in
Holds the ball.
Arcs the ball up
The man comes in with robes swishing like nets
Hey dad
I made it
The ball goes up
And up
And up
And down
Ill miss you.
Ill miss you too
The ball is left

The ball is
The man is
The young man is
The man is
The knife is
The ball is

The dad takes down the net
Takes down the net
Goes in
The man enters
The tears roll
The ball is


The net is out up
The ball is taken out of the box

Minimalism from John

so i hope that wasn’t too much of john enjoying the sound of his own voice. here are the links to subreddits:


steve jobs:
EB White (i bet this guy gets shit done like nobody else):

If you spend enough time on /r/minimalism, you’ll come across a lot of super designer-y minimalist houses and/or barren apartments. These are fun to look at for inspiration, but I wouldnt want to live in one because they’d be too cold-feeling. However, I love these spaces because they haven’t lost their sense of humanity. You’ll understand when you see it:

Still haven’t figured out if putting superficially deep quotes on pretty pictures (i.e. tumblr) is bullshit or not, but for what it’s worth:

I’ve attached a bunch of other pictures as well.

I love you!

Also PS. I saw your inbox zero photo on facebook. I recommend you check out the app “mailbox.” It doesn’t have an ipad version yet, but the current one will still work on your ipad obviously. Keep a look out for when they release one.