Minimalism from John

so i hope that wasn’t too much of john enjoying the sound of his own voice. here are the links to subreddits:


steve jobs:
EB White (i bet this guy gets shit done like nobody else):

If you spend enough time on /r/minimalism, you’ll come across a lot of super designer-y minimalist houses and/or barren apartments. These are fun to look at for inspiration, but I wouldnt want to live in one because they’d be too cold-feeling. However, I love these spaces because they haven’t lost their sense of humanity. You’ll understand when you see it:

Still haven’t figured out if putting superficially deep quotes on pretty pictures (i.e. tumblr) is bullshit or not, but for what it’s worth:

I’ve attached a bunch of other pictures as well.

I love you!

Also PS. I saw your inbox zero photo on facebook. I recommend you check out the app “mailbox.” It doesn’t have an ipad version yet, but the current one will still work on your ipad obviously. Keep a look out for when they release one.


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