I’m a stubborn asshole :)

Blargh.  So sorry I couldn’t talk this morning– REHEARSAL.  Also I keep drafting texts to respond to you and just haven’t had the mental energy to finish… Which is really, REALLY unfair to you, but I’ve just been sort of a mess with this play dredging up a lot of shit from my life in a way that nothing has ever really done before.  But that’s no excuse, and I can’t apologize enough for my radio silence… But in any case, I’m glad you’re able to talk about what happened, and I hope my inability to respond for a while didn’t come off as cruel or callous (though I would completely understood if it did), and I’m glad you kept trying, because we both know it’s far too easy for me to just ignore and push away than to address anything directly.  Also, don’t worry– the play is basically just about me and Ashley, so you can come to Unicorn without fear 😉 
So many thanks and so many apologies,


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