The Letter I’m going to Write

Dear Emma,
       Sorry for the delay. I couldn’t decides whether or not to write a letter, and once that had been decided, I couldn’t figure out what to write.
        This figure is of Daedelus. I started out trying to make Icarus, because I know how much you love that story, but as I worked, it felt more like daedelus. Solid, dependable, always hoping his son will fly out of the clouds. Maybe the story of failles risk isn’t the best for a graduation present, but you can be sure my heart was in a good place.

    To quote from Donnie Darko, you’ve met me at a very strange time in my life. Reading through my journal entries from the last year, I realize how turmultous this year has been inside my brain and out. I was name dropping depression in august, writing love poetry (trite and terrible I promise you) in September, rants, prayers, and every spiking emotion in between. So much has changed and so much has remained the same.

I hope your summer is as cool as a light breeze on warm water, and your days as busy as makes you happy.



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