The Meeting:

The sun was beaming, but the breeze was easing. He stood in
line patiently, plate and utensils in hand. There was laughter and
chatter surrounding him as the sizzle from the grill cooked the rest
of lunch. He looked around, still unfamiliar to most of the people
around him.
And then there she was. She was different, tall and outgoing. He
kept noticing her gaze every now and then, and he wondered what she
was thinking. She was intimidating, but funny at the same time. He
couldn’t help but smile every time she said something funny, or when
she laughed.
First thing she noticed was his purple sweatshirt. Her favorite
color, so of course, she watched him. He turned his head eventually,
and she noticed his eyes. His lashes went for days and days. Some
blue, green, aqua color going on, and she felt captivated. She knew
she could get lost in those eyes of his, in more ways than one. But,
nonetheless, this was Fest, and, of course, Fest isn’t the reality
they both lived day in and day out.
Every day, they got to know each other just a little bit
more than the last, very small, but, the connection seemed to glow as
they spoke. He was articulate and quite interested in film. He always
had a book in his hand, and something engrossing to talk about. She
was intrigued by his mind, and what he had to say. Whenever she saw
him, she’d wave and he’d wave back with great enthusiasm in his
There was a big party one night, down the road from her site,
and she got all ‘dressed up’ in her best evening Fest dress. Her
under garments being not what she was used to, but she still felt
good as she looked good. It was a small crowd at first, so it gave
her time to knock a few drinks down with her friends and loosen up.
Getting ready for a full night of dancing and fun. And then, as the
sun went down and the music started, she saw the purple sweatshirt
arrive threw the crowd, and she was happy.
He just watched her. Her dress and her smile, and her moves. She
danced like the night was hers. He wanted to keep up, but was tired
and eventually needed a break. Plus, she probably wouldn’t notice, if
he slipped away for a few minutes, just to breathe a little. He sat
down at the campfire and closed his eyes. Breathing in the night and
listening to the sounds around him. He was happy and comfortable, but
tired. Then all of a sudden, he felt an arm rest on his shoulder ever
so gently, and he opened his eyes. There, knelt down to his eye
level, with her forehead touching his, she was. He smiled and put his
hand on her arm. Then she said quietly, “I’m wearing a thong, a
strapless bra, and a dress. You’re getting up and you’re going todance with me.” He chuckled and didn’t know what to say. She kissed
the side of his head and sauntered back to the dance area. He watched
her as she continued dancing with her friends, having the time of her
life. He couldn’t resist, and also, did not want to disappoint her.
She noticed that he had gotten up from the chair at the
campfire, a few minutes after she had whispered to him, but he was
nowhere to be found. And then all of a sudden, a dance circle formed
and people just started to dance individually. He jumped in and held
out his hand to her. With a great big grin and a surprise in her
heart, she slipped hers in and he spun her around the dance floor.
This was a moment for her to capture in time. He made her feel pretty
and desirable.
After the dance, he gave her a small hug and wished her a good
night. She thanked him for the dance and told him to get some sleep.
And as he walked away, she knew this wasn’t the end of this
instrumentation of souls.
Its Christmas in July! And his friends who brought him to Fest
are celebrating! He looks around for his purple sweatshirt, knowing
it’ll be cold later, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Maybe I left it
at the party last night? He thought to himself. He retraced his steps
and decided to stop by the site on his way to Christmas.
And there she was again, sitting at the campfire, having a drink
and a smoke with last night’s hostess. A lovely, cheerful smile
spread across her face as she pointed to the sweatshirt and shoes he
had left behind and said, “I was going to bring these to you! You
left them last night.” He was so grateful and beamed as he collected
his belongings. “Thank you so much,” He responded. “Are you coming to
the Christmas party?” She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She
hadn’t planned on it. He told her to at least stop by for a drink and
presents. Again, a smile and a shrug. He waved at her as his friends
pulled him away, and she watched as he did so, still smiling.
Her friends went to the Christmas party, leaving her to ponder
the thought. She was a little nervous about showing up and what he
may think when he saw her there. But it didn’t matter too much,
because she knew her friends would be there. She made her way through
the crowd and poured herself a glass of eggnog. She stood with her
friends and looked around, and spotted him sitting on the ground by
the tree. “I’m going to sit.” She said to her friends and made her
way to him. “You made it!” He beamed when he looked up at her. She
knelt down and and sat facing him and handed him her drink for a
taste. They started talking and discovered they shared the same
passion and enthusiasm for theatre and film, and it just kept on from
there. She took him on a walk around the grounds and showed him areas
he hadn’t seen yet. They watched the starlit sky and counted shooting
stars, and eventually made it back to her site.
A crowd was forming around the fire and she was still interestedin speaking with him more privately. “Wanna smoke some pot?” She
turned to face him. “Of course!” He smiled. She lead him to her tent
and zipped them in away from the bustle of the crowded campfire.
He laid back against the pillow she gave him to use and he
watched her as she spoke and smoked. He was entranced with the entire
experience, and then to meet this woman who had intimidated him at
first, it was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. They
had so many similarities and interests of the same nature.
Conversation never ran dry. She kept telling him how much of a nerd
he was and how much she loved the fact. He didn’t know how to take
that at first, but then started to realize she was being genuine the
whole time. Also, not to mention she was 9 years older than him, he
liked her presence and the way she made him feel.
She started to gently pull him closer to her, and he didn’t feel
the need to resist. He wanted to get closer to her. She was soft and
comforting. He wanted to hold her. In a moment, she turned her face
to his, and without hesitation, he pulled her in and kissed her lips.
There was passion in their kiss. A fire sparked and there hands and
bodies began to dance. He remembered the minor details of some of
their conversations earlier in the evening and she unquestionably
noticed. The clothes were coming off intermittently as they shared
each others touch. “Have you ever been with an older woman?” She
asked him quietly as it got to that boiling point. He grinned and
said sweetly, “I’ve never been with an ‘experienced’ woman, no.” This
made her smile. He was so sweet and kind to her. She wasn’t quite
used to this gentle man treatment. She could sense that he was a bit
nervous, so she eased him into his confidence and allowed him to
explore her as much as he wanted to.
The rest of the night was beautiful. For both of them. He wanted
to learn more about her body and how to please her and she wanted to
show him. It was a moment of capture, which seemed to have been
happening a lot between them this week. It got intense at one point.
He wanted more and so did she.
He kissed her goodnight as he slipped out of her tent and she
thanked him for a lovely evening. Sleeping wasn’t a factor at this
point for either of them, but it had to be endeavored, they had busy
days ahead of them.
The rest of the week was hectic and they didn’t see much of each
other once the Festival started. Only running into each other at
breakfast, with smiles and gentle, discreet touches and small hugs.
Finally it was the last day of the Festival, and she was eating
breakfast with a friend, when he popped up with plate in hand and sat
across the table from her. They all ate in bittersweet silence,
knowing that this was the last breakfast they will all have together
for a long time. She looks up at him and and he acknowledges her.“So, I have this rule, that whatever new bonds that I make here every
year, I need to hang out with them one last time before we leave,
even if its just for 5 minutes.” He chuckled and nodded his head.
“OK, that sounds reasonable enough to me. When do you want to do
“Give me a time and place and I’ll be there.” She said, knowing
he had a schedule and she didn’t.
Later that day, at 3pm, she made her way to their meeting place,
wearing her daytime best Fest dress, secretly hoping he’d notice. She
looked around, and around, and couldn’t find him at first…..and
then there he was, sitting under the message tent with a book, and a
grin. Her heart fluttered a little and a sense of relief came across
her as he strolled over to her with a hug. “I have to be back at 5.”
He mentioned. “OK,” She smiled. They talked and walked and went back
to his site to have a seat and enjoy the music, as he had a great
view of one of the smaller stages from up here. Eventually his
friends trickled in and passed around some pot, convinced him to try
one of the wonders of the food vendors. She went with him and decided
to treat him, since it was his first experience eating this delicious
treat. Right before he had to head back to work, they made plans to
enjoy one more night to remember before it was all over. The hug was
sweet and the pecks on the cheeks were gentle. They wandered off to
their respective destinations and continued on their evenings.
It was a long bittersweet night of quiet songs and relaxed
guitars in the background. The fire was burning beautifully rapid, as
she watched it circulate around the firewood. Watching it slowly
start to die and then blaze back up again, every time someone fed it.
As if trying to save it, convincing us that this experience, this
heaven on earth wasn’t just a week long fantasy. That we’ll all still
see each other the following night and share this resplendent fire
that brings all the music and laughter together.
She looks down at her watch and notices its getting late, and no
sign of him. Almost giving up, she shifts in her seat just about to
call it a night, when he strolls up from behind her out of the
darkness of the night and sits next to her by the fire. Tired and
happy, he nods at her and joins in on the conversation that had been
slowly progressing among the few that are still around. She
simultaneously watches the fire and watches him, as he talks and
listens, and sips on whiskey, quietly enjoying the mood that lingers
around the air.
He peaks over at her a couple times, quite elusively, she
doesn’t even notice. He see’s that she’s starting to fade as does he,
and decides its time. He rise’s and stretches his arms out;
confidently extending one out to her. She looks up at him and smiles
sweetly as she takes his hand.“Thank you for everything.” She whispers to him as they hug
good-bye. He chuckles quietly in her ear and rubs her back gently.
“Thank, YOU.” He whispered back, laying a sweet kiss on her lips. It
was time to leave and head back to their own real worlds.


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