Curating: “Gotham by Gaslight”

Continuing the trend of seeking to emulate Emma, I latched onto this story of a steampunk Batman. What is funny is that I eventually bought a copy of Gothem by Gaslight and gave it to Emma for our sixth month Anniversary. I also nread it at that time and was largely unimpressed. I don’t remember why I wasn’t impressed, except that it did not seem to utilize the settings of 19th century victorian era Gotham as well as it could have. Anyway, I was attached to it as a symbol of Emma, and later used it to try and win back her love after I had chased it away. In any case, I would read this comic again, but would prefer 1602 any day of the week.


OH, and it’s also a shifted character again. And also Batman. I find Batman to be one of the most fascinating characters in comics and to see him shifted into other realms allows for yet another way of looking at his character and his sorrows. 


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