Curating: “28/8/2012”

Andrew: Priya is….  well, I guess that is the best that can be said for her, simply that she is. I’ve known her since we were both unaware of who we are. We’ve been best friends, worst enemies, lovers, and pillars. But when all of the hormonal turbulence settles, I’m left simply with a woman who has stood by me and who I will always stand beside. In the midst of the confusion that was my infatuation with Emma, Priya and a giant preying Mantis made me step outside myself and laugh at the universe. We’re also so small in the grand schemes of the universe, and sometimes so ridiculous. In the past year, my life fell into nothing, and I built it back piece by piece. Priya was a cornerstone. This preying mantis will always be a symbol of that.


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