Curating: io9′s advice on how to edit a work of creative fiction

DISCLAIMER: I never read this article, but always meant to. 

Reaction: Huh. That makes a lot of sense. We have this exercise in theater, the 60, 30, 10, 1. What are the moments that define the piece overall, and how do they fit together. I think this is an excellent way to pare down the chaff. Having never really been a writer, I can only base my assumptions off watching Emma write. 

But no. I can be writer. I am a writer. I can producer material that is coherent and internally consistent. I need to start writing soon so that I can spend the time to expand it and contract it and expand it and contract it. Could you write like a potter throws? Center the work at the very base around a core idea, theme, motive, expand it and contract it, then again and again, then throwing the basic shape from the bottom up, each rewrite acting as another pull of the clay body. Shape it and manipulate it from the outside. Finally go after it with gusto and tenacity, ready to lose the entire piece. I wonder if that would work. I will have to try it. I just wish I wasn’t so terrified of it. 


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