The Rules

1. No character stays dead
2. Every character has one thing they must try to do before they die
3. Every character remembers and chooses to forget.
4. Rage and mania make their own audience
5. Melancholy doesn’t make or pretend anything
6. This play never ends
7. No character wants to die
8. Mania can say anything, but just wants to tell her audience things. She can’t help it
9. Rage only quotes Malcolm x, che, and Noam chomsky
10. Melancholy only speaks to shush the audience.
11. You can do anything with this play as long as everything that is written is performed
12. The deaths are violent, playful and bloody
13. In the end, the actors make the choices
14. In the end, the only way forward is breaking the play
15. But nobody ever breaks it


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