What am I to do?

Action > Inaction

Ok, the question: What am I to do as a upper-middle class, white, male heterocissexual artist? 

I have privilege. I have a lot of privilege. 

It’s important and necessary to deal with issues of race, gender, sexuality, and status. If we don’t, we are being irresponsible as artists.

So how do I respectfully and responsibly address these issues?

Is male gaze, white privilege inherent?

I should make art. And then look at it again. And look at it again. And look at it again.

The myth is that if a piece is not good art or meaningful if it is acceptable to all people.  

Can you make art that is responsible to all people that is still challenging?

Do I have a responsibility to represent white middle class heterocisgendered males who have so much privilege and so much representation. 

Do I have a right or permission to represent a nonwhite, non middle class, homotransgendered females?


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