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From a lover

I think it’s because of how particularly beautiful you become in your striving for the good and the right in the world. I think it’s how you believe in those things unabashedly. I think it’s because of how you become whole-heartedly emotional in any cause, but especially for other people. you’re very focused on others. you love people with every drop of your bleeding heart. it’s because of how naked you are, in a way, all the time. you’re vulnerable, always, andrew, which is a thing that so many people don’t like to be and avoid being. you’re willing to share your feelings even with a stranger. you offer your heart up to the world like a child, full of complete trust in what they’ll do with it, because you have the courage to have that trust.

A thought from my lover

because people are losers because they try

the only perfect people are people who are safe

all the time